Tommy Kradenpoth Saves the Tricky Spare

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Let’s go bowling for this Play of the Week with Naperville North facing Naperville Central and Redhawk Tommy Kradenpoth picking up a tricky spare. Presented by Trunnell Insurance.

He’s got four pins left, but with three of them on one side. Tommy Kradenpoth puts some nice English on this roll to knock those three down, which causes the other pin to fall to save the spare. What a shot. The freshman rolled a 575 overall.

The second boys bowling crosstown classic of the season is here at Lisle Lanes with the Bowl Dawgs of Naperville North looking to avenge their early season defeat to Naperville Central.

Naperville Central picks up the victory to sweep the Huskies on the season. Matt Reedy with a strike as part of a 233 final game and a 563 series to help secure the win.

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