Waubonsie girls tennis knocks off Naperville Central in a DVC clash

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It’s a beautiful day for a girls tennis match. Waubonsie Valley is off to a strong 3-0 start to their season as they faceoff against Naperville Central. This highlight is sponsored by BMO. 

Naperville Central wins one singles due to an injury 

We start with one singles between Richa Kapoor and Claire Cameron as Cameron’s return is too long, giving Kapoor an early point. 

A couple of points later Claire Cameron is serving. Her service is a good one causing troubles for Kapoor giving the Redhawk the point. 

Serving now is Richa Kapoor who picks up a service ace of her own. Although Kapoor was in the lead at this point, unfortunately, she got injured later on in the set giving Claire Cameron the injury default victory. 

Waubonsie picks up a win in two singles

Moving onto two singles with Luoxu Chen facing off against Chloe Cochran. The Redhawk gets an early point in this game with a backhand shot that beats Cochran. 

It doesn’t take long for Chloe Cochran to find her grove in the first set as she wins it in 6-1 fashion. 

The second set was no different for the Warrior as she battles to keep this rally alive finding the open space for the finishing point giving her the 6-0 set two win. 

 The Warriors finish strong with a one doubles victory 

Adding a partner for one doubles. Waubonsie’s Sofia Parranto and Isha Srinivasan take on Ami Patel and Kira Yang as Yang gets us started with an ace.  

Later on in the match, the pairs go back and forth in this rally. It eventually comes to an end when Patel can’t return Parranto’s hit giving the Warrior duo the point. 

Match point for the Waubonsie duo. Isha Srinivasan’s serve is good one that is returned by Yang but Parranto meets it at the net giving the pair the 6-3, 6-4 win. 

Waubonsie Valley defends their home courts opening up their conference season with a 5-2 win against Naperville Central. 

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