Waubonsie Valley boys tennis narrowly defeats Naperville North

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Waubonsie Valley boys tennis travels to Nike Park for a DVC matchup against Naperville North. The Huskies are looking to get back into the win column after a close 4-3 loss to Metea, while the Warriors took care of DeKalb, 7-0. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Revanth Kothapalli wins in straight sets for Waubonsie Valley boys tennis

Starting with one singles is Naperville North’s Yanson Lew and Waubonsie’s Revanth Kothapalli. The two go back and forth, hitting it corner to corner. Eventually, the Huskie hits it outside the lines for a Warrior point.

Kothapalli serves it in and continues to look strong in this one. He puts a powerful liner into the corner for the point!

Kothapalli, the Sophomore, calls game, set, and match, as he attacks the net for the aggressive point, with the ball heading right towards the camera! He wins in straight sets, 6-0, 6-0.

The Warriors continue to hold off Naperville North

Next up is North’s Max Buxbaum and Waubonsie Valley’s Samayan Tayal for two singles.

Tayal serves as Buxbaum sends one back. The Huskie paints the lines, which forces the Warrior to overhit one out of bounds for a North point.

Later on, Buxbaum serves in this round as he continues with good returns. Buxbaum hits a strong wall that forces Tayal to hit the net. It was a good match for Buxbaum, but it’s Tayal who would go on to win in set three.

Moving on to One doubles is Ishan Suresh Kumar and Sehan Tirukovalluru against North’s Brandon Dumbell and Noah Eun.

Tirukovalluru gives the Huskie duo a surprise return as he smacks the ball near the corner of Huskie territory.

Suresh Kumar serves in this moment with Eun giving a quick hit back to the Warriors.

The Warriors are not giving up in this third set as Suresh Kumar sends the ball back to Eun as it bounces off him giving the Warriors a win for the third set.

Waubonsie Valley boys tennis defeats Naperville North in a close DVC contest

The final match is Eesa Nazir and Gautam Mani of Waubonsie Valley against Aarush Bhardwaj and Qooly Samoza of Naperville North for the Two Doubles

Both teams come out swinging with back-and-forth returns. However, it’s Nazir coming in with the quick hit that catches the Huskie duo off guard.

Mani serves the ball in. North’s Bhardwaj sends the ball flying towards Nazir with Mani hitting back to the Huskies, resulting in a chain reaction before the Warrior just overhits one and North gets the point.

Bhardwaj serves as he hits to Mani before Samoza jumps in with a smack of his racket.

The two doubles match would go to three sets. Samoza hits one and runs to the net before powering one in for the point. However, Waubonsie Valley takes home the two doubles win and the overall team win by the score of 4-3.

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