Waubonsie Valley girls basketball wins the DVC title over Neuqua Valley with a late winner

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We have a girls basketball clash at the top of the DVC at Waubonsie Valley. A win tonight for the Warriors secures the conference while Neuqua Valley needs to win in order to stay in the hunt for first place. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

The Wildcats and Warriors go head to head in the first quarter 

Getting the scoring started is the Wildcats. Nalia Clifford has the ball on top as she knocks down an early triple for Neuqua. 

The Wildcats with some early momentum as they work the ball to Quinn Sigal who shoots for three. Neuqua up 6-2 early on.

Waubonsie slowly started to work into the quarter. Arianna Garcia finds Hannah Laub who scores the close range effort. The Warriors trail 11-12 going into the second quarter. 

Waubonsie goes on a 13 point run in the second quarter; leading at halftime 

The Warriors start the second quarter strong. Lily Newton finds Maya Pereda who scores the triple. 

Waubonsie on a run now. Hannah Laub makes a block on Zoe Navarro before springing Lily Newton for the easy layup. 

WV not slowing down. Danyella Mporokoso gets the ball on the edge as she shoots for three. The Warriors now lead 26-14 after a 13 point run.

Finally getting the Wildcats back on the board is Caitlin Washington who drives hard into the paint for the layup. 

Finishing the quarter for the Wildcats would be Washington as she drops in a triple. Neuqua trails 23-31 at halftime.

Neuqua comes back strong in the third quarter tying the game at 46 going into the fourth 

Neuqua starts the third quarter with the ball. Nalia Clifford gets the ball on top as she knocks down the trey.

The Warriors respond with points of their own. Arianna Garcia finds a wide open Lily Newton for the easy lay up. Warriors up by four.

Back and forth we go as Zoe Navarro carries the ball back down the other way with a beautiful move for the layup. Wildcats trail 35-37.

Neither team able to pull away. Danyella Mporokoso has the ball on the outside as she decides to take it herself knocking down the triple. 

Again, back and forth the squads go. This time it’s Nalia Clifford’s turn to find the three point bucket. We are all tied up at 46 heading into the final quarter.

Danyella Mporokoso drops 30 points to help Waubonsie Valley take down Neuqua Valley

Getting the scoring started in the fourth is Danyella Mporokoso who sinks another triple giving the Warriors the lead to start the frame.

Still neither team can build a lead. Caitlin Washington carries the ball into the zone as she gives Neuqua a 51- 49 lead.

Now it’s Waubonsie’s turn to respond. Lily Newton gets the ball out on top as she knocks down the three pointer. WV regains the lead by one. 

A couple of points later Hannah Laub finds a wind open Arianna Garcia who scores the layup. But coming right back down the court is Neuqua as Nalia Clifford sinks another triple.

Game now tied at 60 with just under ten second remaining. Danyella Mporokoso has the ball as she drives into the paint putting one up off the glass that falls into the net, 62-60 Warriors. Four seconds left as Caitlin Washginton shoots from center court but she hits the backboard. 

Mporokoso leads the way with 30 points giving Waubonsie Valley girls basketball the 62-60 win over Neuqua Valley and the DVC title.   

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