Waubonsie Valley girls bowling wins DVC Championship on Position Night

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Waubonsie Valley girls bowling looks to finish the DVC season with a Championship, after going undefeated in matchup play. Dekalb hosts this year’s DVC Position Night at Mardi Gras Lanes. All six teams for the DVC are present hoping to possibly leapfrog other teams in the DVC positions. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley and Naperville North girls bowling start the festivities

Neuqua Valley enters the day fourth in the DVC standings hoping to make its way up into the top three.  The Wildcats are led by all-conference bowler Chanel Edwards who rolls a series-best 424 for Neuqua. Here we see Suhana Merchant roll a strike as part of a 423 series.  While Aniya Emerson finishes 1 pin behind with a 422.   The Wildcats finish the tournament fifth as a team.

The Naperville North Huskies are also there looking to make some noise as well.  First up is Emma Shipley who gets the strike as part of a 130-game 2 score.  Next is Ellie Child who also plows the pins down as part of a 362 series.  Picking up spares for them is Lois Baek who rolls 9 pins behind the leading Husky of Michele Baek with a 440 series.   Naperville North ends the match sixth as a team.

Finishing third as a team on the day is Dekalb as the barbs put in a spirited effort.  With all-conference bowlers Mackenzie Condon and Paige Lewis, Dekalb shows tons of fight throughout the day scoring the bronze medal overall as a team.

Naperville Central’s Teresa Duffrin leads the charge for the red and white

They would go to battle with Naperville Central as the Redhawks also look to make noise in the top three.  Led by all-conference bowler Teresa Duffrin Central keeps the fight going as Duffrin knocks these two strikes down for a 245-game three.   Abby Hennessey also steps up for this strike as part of a 123-game three score.  Central finishes the tournament fourth overall as a team with Duffrin placing second in the match with a 618 series.

Metea Valley and Waubonsie Valley girls bowling go pin-for-pin to win the DVC

Metea Valley and Waubonsie Valley would go to war for the DVC Title.  Sam Wiertelak has this Brooklyn strike to convert as part of a 183-game three score.  Mae McInerney also plows the pins down for the strike, contributing to a 169-game 3 score.  Lauren Bornhoff finishes second for the Warriors with a 556 series.

Metea Valley counters with all conference bowlers Grace Parli and Jade Williams.  Both bowlers place second and fourth with these strikes contributing to their performances.  Williams ends with a 473 series while Parli takes second on the team with a 539 series.

Zatloukal and Moore close it out for the top two teams

Waubonsie would try to put the DVC away on points as Mya Zatloukal has taken major steps in her sophomore season.  Zatloukal rolls these two strikes as part of a game-one 216 score.  Zatloukal finishes the season as the all-conference champion with her 605 series getting her third individually.

Leading the way individually, however, is Mustang Mya Moore who starts the day rolling a match-high 265 game 1 score with this strike and spare contributing to it.   Moore ends the match with a 648 series.  Metea Valley wins the match overall ahead of Waubonsie and Dekalb. Still, Waubonsie’s regular season points carry over as the Warriors snap the Mustang’s 5-year DVC Title streak and are crowned the new champions of the DVC Title.

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