Waubonsie Valley vs. Benet Academy Softball 5.13.19

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Waubonsie Valley visiting Benet Academy in hopes of securing its third win. While the Redwings honor coach Jerry Schilf with a plaque commemorating his 400th career victory.

First Inning

We start with the very first batter of the game. Megan Kennedy lines a single to center to lead off the game… she then steals second to set the board for WV.

Waubonsie’s Julia Kahl digging in with the runner on second and smokes a ball to left center… that scores Megan Kennedy and it’s the beginning of a big night for Kahl. 1-0 after 1.

Second Inning

1-0 in the top of the second and it’s Carly Kuta’s turn to drive the ball into a gap. She scores Avery Hickey from second. Warriors take on another run.

Third Inning

Fast forwarding to the third and the Warriors pouring on the runs… Julia Kahl launching this ball into a different stratosphere! A two-run homer that gives Waubonsie a 4-0 lead going to the 4th.

Fourth Inning

Benet up in the bottom of the 4th inning. Allison Regan loops a single into right field, which moves Grace Fajardo to 3rd…. putting runners on the corners with no one away.

Now there’s one out in the inning and Mackenzie Relihan is at the plate… and she rockets a pitch right at Jilia Kahl… who snags it and doubles off Regan to end the inning.

Fifth Inning

Going top 5 and Waubonsie about to expand on a 4-0 lead… Casey Dimech pounds a 2-run double to left center… that will net Waubonsie a pair… it’s 7-0 WV.

Bottom half and Mackenzie Relihan up… and after getting robbed her last time up, she clobbers a solo homer to left, putting Benet on the board.

Seventh Inning

Moving to the bottom of the seventh and things about to get interesting… as Elena Stevenson lines a grand slam… and don’t look now, but Benet is down just 7-5.

But with two aboard and 2 away, Samantha Mikita sends a frozen rope right to Kahl… and that’ll end it. Waubonsie wins 7-5.

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