Waubonsie Valley vs Neuqua Valley Girls Volleyball 10.15.19

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Waubonsie Valley and Neuqua Valley observe an 18 second moment of silence before their match in honor of Downers Grove North volleyball player Beth Dunlap as a sign of solidarity after Dunlap tragically passed away earlier this year. A touching gesture led by Bailey Houlihan and Aryanna Ruffin.

The Dupage Valley Conference race is still up for grabs as Neuqua Valley hopes to avenge its three set loss to Waubonsie Valley earlier this month.

First Set

The Wildcats gets started off on the right foot as Taylor O’Malley clips the net with her serve, leading to the ace and an earlier 6-3 lead.

Waubonsie Valley serving all tied at 7 when Ally Knapczyk sets up middle hitter Riley Ammenhauser for the strong kill. 8-7 NV.

Still in the first set, Gabi Croll goes for the kill, but Liel Thomas and Lauryn Housholder form a wall and get the point on the block. 14-10 Wildcats.

Neuqua trying to close out the opening set and check out the defense on this play, Taylor O’Malley and Faith Johnson keep it alive and somehow Bailey Houlihan gets it back over, Elenzie France then slams a kill attempt right into Houlihan, O’Malley tracks it down for the one handed save before Hohnson bumps it over, third time is the charm for the Warriors as Croll gets the kill to go this time. Great action on that point.

Set point for Bailey Houlihan and her serve is right near the back line, Trinity Evans in no man’s land not sure if it would be in or out, leading to the ace and a 25-12 set one win.

Second Set

In the 2nd set the Warriors regroup as Melissa Walden sets up Rianna DeMyers for the kill, WV up early.

Gabi Croll serving for Waubonsie, Faith Johnson goes for the kill, but Walden and DeMyers are there for the block and the point.

Neuqua Valley gets closer in set two as Faith Johnson puts her serve in the right spot for an ace, Wildcats up 12-10.

Lauren Hughes serving for Neuqua, Tess Stawski digs it out, and Walden sets up Elenzie France for a deflected kill. WV down 14-12.

Jessica Molina serving for Waubonsie, who show good defense and offense on this play, first with the block on the kill attempt from Johnson, then Melissa Walden finishes with the kill as the Warriors go in front 20-18.

Neuqua Valley on a run late in the set, we know Riley Ammenhauser can jump a long distance, but she can also jump high as the triple jump state champ gets up knocks the ball home for the point.

Match point for the Wildcats, Faith Johnson serves, Melissa Walden and Aryanna Ruffin can’t connect cleanly as the ball falls short of the net. Neuqua Valley takes it in straight sets 25-12, 25-21.

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