Wheaton Warrenville South claims the 2A girls tennis sectional title

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The Downers Grove South girl’s tennis sectional is safe inside from Mother Nature at the Naperville Tennis Club. Naperville North and Naperville Central are two of our area teams featured that bring in defending sectional champs from singles and doubles. As a reminder, everyone who makes it to the semifinals has qualified for the state tournament next week. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Upper vs Underclassmen

The singles championship features defending champ Sofia Olaru taking on freshman Riley Lepsi from Wheaton Warrenville South. Olaru is hoping to capture yet another sectional and she’s off to a good start getting a point in the first set.

However, Lepsi turns it on with some aggressive that catches her opponent off guard. It was an impressive performance for Lepsi as she take the single championship in straight sets by scores of 6-1. Gabby David from Downers Grove South takes home third place over Emily Wittmer from Downers Grove North. Claire Cameron from Naperville Central and Aasha Trivedi from Naperville North both fell in the singles quarterfinals.

To the doubles bracket and the third place match featuring Naperville Central seniors Kira Yang and Ami Patel going up against the Tiger duo of Jana Kim and Katie Muff.

The Redhawk pack gets aggressive right away with Patel bringing in the fire on the send back.

The two remain the same in a two-set sweep as Yang swings and gets a favorable landing spot that secures the third-place medals for the Redhawks.

Gabby Lee and Brooke Coffman are at it again

The doubles championship shows the strong pair of Brooke Coffman and Gabby Lee from Naperville taking on Wheaton South’s Kaley McCabe and Lauren Morton who have some support on their side. McCabe and Morton won tough battles over Aaryana and Aanika Parekh from Naperville North in the quarterfinals and Yang and Patel from Central in the semi finals.

McCabe and Morton go to work right as a little rally takes place, but McCabe quickly ends that with a nasty approach for the point. Later on Coffman and Lee start making things look to easy on their end after a nice hit that lands in play for the Huskie point.

Wheaton Warrenville South takes home the sectional

Despite the score this was an intense match as Coffman and Lee take in two by scores of 6-1, 6-1 and the doubles sectional title for a third consecutive season. Although overall it’s Wheaton Warrenville ending the day winning the team sectional title. Naperville Central finishes in the second place while Naperville North takes third.

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