Will Kastelic Becomes First Benet Academy Boys Gymnast

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Will Kastelic successful became the first boys gymnast to represent Benet Academy in a meet, making it all the way to state in the all-around. This feature is presented by Edward Medical Group.

Will: I thought it was cool being able to do all the skills and flips and I like the muscles, that stuff. That appealed to me.

And so at age 4, Will Kastelic became laser focused on becoming a gymnast. Little did he know 12 years ago he’d become much more. The first athlete to represent Benet Academy in a boys gymnastics meet.

Stephanie: I’m super appreciative of Benet in supporting him. Our athletic director, who was my athletic director when I went there, Gary Goforth, has been great. And Mary Allen Whalen for being open to doing it, carrying it out, we really appreciate it.

And as if to show his school just what it meant to him, Kastelic went out and dominated his first meet.

Will: So that was at Glenbrook South, my first meet ever with Benet Academy and you, I won that meet. A lot of fun, I felt proud representing Benet well. I was just happy to do it.

And since then, Will has found immeasurable success, which has been celebrated by Benet Academy every step of the way.

Stephanie: It’s kind of cool that a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention is getting some too because these kids work so hard at it and it’s such a difficult sport. A lot of his peers probably wouldn’t be aware of it. And it’s cool that he gets to be part of his school program too.

It has all culminated in the sectional and state meet the last two weekends. In just his sophomore season, Kastelic qualified in the All-Around – and even if he hadn’t –would have competed in the high bar, vault and floor at state.

I just went in trying to have a fun time, make some school history, go to state, which happened. So I’m happy about that.

And at the state meet, Kastelic excelled. He finished tied for 7th on the vault with a 9.05 score… and 18th out of 30 qualifying gymnasts in the all-around… 5th among freshmen and sophomores.

Long story short, he’s not just a gymnast – he’s a darn good one, and the first Redwing to truly soar above the mats.

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