Zack Bobofchak and Hugh Davis win 1A state doubles championship for Benet Academy boys tennis

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Zack Bobofchak and Hugh Davis become first Benet Academy boys tennis duo to win a state championship in school history. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

After defeating a doubles team from the Latin School of Chicago in the semifinals, Benet’s Zack Bobofchak and Hugh Davis meet another Latin duo, Mark Tismensky and Jake Goldstein 1A doubles championship. With a win, the Redwing duo would be the first state champions in school history.

Bobofchak and Davis off to a hot start

After winning the first 2 games, Benet Academy tennis is on a roll. Hugh Davis serves to Tismensky, Bobofchak follows with a shot near the net and it’s another point for the Redwings. Benet is out to a hot start.

Later in the set, Bobofchak returns a shot from Goldstein, and Tismensky answers with a forehand that slices right between the Redwing duo. Latin tries to fight back in the 1st set while still facing a deficit.

This is Goldstein serving now. He and Bobofchak exchange a couple backhand shots until Davis steps up near the net and smashes it up the middle. Benet is still in a groove, they go on to win the set 6-3.

Tismensky and Goldstein take back-to-back matches

Now in the second set, Goldstein is serving again. This time Davis returns it, Tismensky drops a shot near the net, Davis rushes forward and sends a shot right along the sideline.

Later on, Goldstein and Davis volley it back and forth, until Tismensky steps up and places another shot in between the two Benet players. The Romans win back-to-back games in the set, making it 4-4 in the second.

Benet prevails for a state doubles title

Moving along, this is Zack Bobofchak going back-and-forth with Goldstein. After a nice backhand from Bobofchak, Goldstein’s return fails to clear the net. Benet takes another game, and they’re on the cusp of claiming the second set.

Moments later, the Redwings are just one point away from victory. Goldstein’s backhand is returned by Davis, Tismensky hits a looping shot over his head and out of play, giving the point and match to Benet. Zack Bobofchak and Hugh Davis are the first Benet players to win a state title. With help from Patrick Burke in the singles bracket, as well as Michael Campione, Peter Charuk, and Grant Perry, Benet takes second place in the 1A state finals, with Latin taking 1st.

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