If you are a registered Naperville-based 501(c)(3) organization you are eligible to appear on the show.  Your are also eligible if you are a registered 501(c)(3) organization located within DuPage County or Will County and Naperville is one of your primary service areas and an organization doesn’t currently exist within the City of Naperville that provides those same services.

Contact Joy Kleinhans at jkleinhans@nctv17.org for available dates and time slots. There is no cost to appear on the show.

Spotlight tapes once a month on the second Wednesday of the month, at the NCTV17 studio (127 Ambassador Drive, Suite 103, Naperville, IL 60540).

NCTV17’s Community Development Director Jane Wernette.

We tape two 30-minute episodes each month; one right after each other. Three organizations will be featured as guests on each episode.

Each organization will have a pre-show chat with the host to go over their interview questions. This way there are no surprises when the cameras start rolling! The actual interview is about 8 minutes in length.

Please plan to spend a total of about half an hour in our studio.

This interview is your open forum to share your mission and key messaging with the community, so YOU decide what to talk about. We encourage you to take this opportunity to tell the viewer about the positive impact your organization is having in the community.

  • What’s the history/background of your organization? When started? Are you celebrating a big anniversary?
  • How is your organization changing lives, helping make Naperville a better place for our residents to live, learn and thrive? What’s your mission? What sets your organization apart from others?
  • What services do you offer? How do you help clients?
  • Are you launching new programs or services?
  • Do you have a change in leadership?
  • Have you moved locations or are you opening another location to better serve the community?
  • How can the viewers get involved with your organization?

Please take some time to think about the key points you wish to convey to viewers.

The producer will email you a form to submit your interview topics and designate which of your two guests you’d like to answer the question. We strongly encourage you to alternate the questions between your two representatives as this allows for a more natural conversational interview.

Each organization may have one or two representatives for the interview.  This can be any combination of people you feel will best be able to enthusiastically speak about the topics you want to discuss.  Often it is an Executive Director or Program Manager accompanied by a client who receives services from your organization.  A volunteer can often speak passionately, and help inspire viewers to also get involved.  A member of your Board is another option – as long as they are representing your organization and not the company they work for.


  • Wear bright colors
  • Pick clothes that are neat and fit properly in a seated position
  • Pay attention to your shoes – they will be seen in the TV wide shot
  • Dress appropriately for your role and organization (e.g. band uniform, branded polo)
  • Wear more makeup than usual; the bright lights will wash you out
  • Apply powder to shaved heads to avoid shine from the lights

  • Wear all white or all black
  • Wear checks, stripes or busy prints; they pixelate on TV
  • Wear large, distracting and/or noisy jewelry
  • Wear a light-weight shirt – if you’re not wearing a jacket – because your shirt neckline needs to support a microphone on a clip and we need to hide the cord

Much like network television stations, NCTV17’s station policy does not permit guests to preview their interview prior to airing.  Rest assured you are in the capable hands of professionals, so NCTV17 is committed to presenting you in the best way possible in the final product.  When your interview debuts, the Producer of Spotlight will provide you with a link to view your interview so you can use your interview to further extend your exposure in the community.

During the interview, try not to think about the cameras; instead, focus on the host.  There is no need for you to use notes because you are just having a comfortable conversation.  The more natural and conversational, the more GENUINE you appear to viewers.  Speak up, speak slowly, and speak with energy.  Remember:  You are the best salesperson for your organization.  Nobody knows your organization better than you.  Now relax and have fun.  We are here to make you look good!