Naperville’s Superb Subdivisions

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Did you know Naperville is home to more than 170 different subdivisions?  Each one is its own gem that helps make the city of nearly 150,000 people feel much smaller and more intimate.  Each has its own character and its own way of bringing people together.

Their importance couldn’t be more evident than when the 2021 tornado struck several areas of Naperville and Woodridge.  Neighbors came together in the impacted subdivisions to help one another, even when their own homes were badly damaged and in need of help themselves.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The idea of a subdivision coming together got residents not only through the aftermath of a tornado, but also through the pandemic.  The Brookdale subdivision for example supported its own struggling small business, Nature’s Best Café.  Homeowners raised money for the business through a GoFundMe page and a garage sale.  Many subdivisions hosted car parades and drive through celebrations to honor essential workers while lifting spirits.  In Ashbury, siblings Alyssa and Alex Dunn spread cheer by having meals delivered to families by the Grinch during the holidays.

Neighborhoods often show support for one of their own who may be going through a tough time.  A simple gesture, such as making the porch lights red for a 10-year-old battling cancer can be uplifting and unifying.

For these reasons – and many more – our dozens of superb subdivisions in Naperville collectively are a gem that make the city shine bright as a whole.  NCTV17′ is proud to be in these neighbors every week covering their stories as part of Naperville News 17.

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