Something for everyone at Standard Goods Naperville

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Standard Goods, a lifestyle boutique, is all about inclusion, says owner Tom Kiecker. With three locations in Seattle, Washington, the Naperville location is the first in Illinois and has a little bit of everything. “We have graphic tees, hats, t-shirts, women’s clothes, coasters, candles, games, you name it, we got it…We’re all about inclusion. That’s our whole thing here. You can tell by our merchandise that that’s something that we’re about,” says Kiecker. 

Naperville focused apparel

Another aspect that makes Standard Goods unique in the community is the Naperville-themed apparel and accessories, from a Naperville coffee mug to a t-shirt proclaiming the wearer a graduate of Safety Town, to “Naperthrill” themed sweatshirts. 

“One thing I’ve noticed,” says Kiecker, “since they’ve opened up the hotel down here, Hotel Indigo, we have people speaking other languages in here all the time. You know, they’re from Europe and a lot of people vacation here. Which is crazy when you think about our town here in Naperville. So yeah, our Naperville merchandise is huge.”

Supporting other small businesses

The lifestyle boutique emphasizes items made in North America and features several products from other small businesses. According to Kiecker, this means that when you shop at Standard Goods, you support more than one small business. 

Standard Goods Naperville is located at 235 S Washington Street. 

This segment of Around Downtown on 630 Naperville featured Katie Wood, Interim Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance and Tom Kiecker the Owner of Standard Goods Naperville