Start a self-care journey at The NOW Massage

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“There are so many places you know and love in Downtown Naperville,” greets Katie Wood of the Downtown Naperville Alliance. “Today, we’re here to shine the spotlight on one of the most relaxing places you’ll visit. Welcome to the NOW Massage!” 

Physical and mental benefits of massage

“Regular massage relieves muscle tension,” says Carrie Flores, lead massage therapist with The NOW. “It improves your range of motion and your flexibility.” It can also help with pain relief. Whether someone has fibromyalgia or has pushed their body too far as a runner, massage can help ease pain. 

Seeing someone like Carrie can also have mental and emotional benefits, helping with anxiety, mood swings, and stress relief. 

The importance of self-care

“Day-to-day life is stressful,” says Flores. “People make massage seem like a luxury. It’s more of a necessity because it just helps you do your day-to-day things. You’re not in pain. You can enjoy your children. You can bend down.”  

The NOW is bringing its next-level massages, custom enhancements and best-selling products to Naperville! Escape the city crowds and unwind with us in a scenic self-care oasis.

Located on South Washington Street, nestled inside Downtown Naperville surrounded by a selection of local dining, shopping and steps away from the Riverwalk.

The NOW is designed to serve as a sanctuary from the bustling city. Our aesthetic incorporates raw elements and natural materials to create a chic, minimalist oasis. Interiors are inspired by nature. Natural wood surfaces and exposed beams are coupled with sheep skins and rawhides, cactus galleries and crystal grids. All the elements are aligned with nature and form the ultimate escape for next level relaxation.