Xilin children’s choir performs in the NCTV17 studio

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A Xilin children’s choir stopped by the NCTV17 studio to perform. 13 youngsters from the Xilin Association performed “The Chant of the Wandering Son,” which was written by Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao more than 1250 years ago. Meng Jiao left home in search of an official career and was able to return home to visit his elderly mother ten years later. 

“The Chant of the Wandering Son” poem performed by Xilin children’s choir

The thread in the good mother’s hand

Makes clothing for the wandering son’s back.

Before he goes, she stitches and stitches,

Fearing that he might delay and delay his return,

Who says the gratitude of the inch-long grass

Can repay the warmth of the spring sun? 

What is the Xilin Association? 

Xilin Association is a non-profit organization committed to serving the needs of the under-served families with comprehensive social services in the greater Chicago and suburban areas. Areas of services include: 

  • Senior services
  • Youth education
  • Performing arts
  • Community health
  • Welcome centers