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Founded in Naperville by Ms. Linda Yang in 2003 Xilin Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to serving the needs of families in the greater Chicago area.

It started out as a Chinese language school in 1989. After three decades of growth, Xilin has now become a multi-purpose organization which provides multiple social services, including kids education, adult day care for seniors, in-home service for seniors, cross-cultural performing arts and community health. They also provide a Welcome Center program for newcomers and immigrants.

Xilin Lantern Festival

The organization hosts the Xilin Lantern Festival, a major annual event that has become a cultural tradition in Naperville, celebrating the Chinese culture through games, costumes, arts, crafts and performances.  Performers come from across the country and from China to put on a spectacular show in honor of the Chinese New Year at the Yellow Box in Naperville.

Xilin Locations in Illinois

Xilin Association is a collection of vibrant, diverse and multicultural community centers with exceptional resources for the social needs of families, children and the elderly. There are six locations across Illinois, including Naperville, Chicago-Pilson, Chicago-Chinatown, Arlington Heights, Elgin and Aurora.

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