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Shelter for All is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that is dedicated to housing the homeless in NW DuPage County in suburban Chicago. Shelter for All believes that having a permanent residence is the first step to address employment, mental health issues, addiction, and other needed services.There are some fantastic local organizations that many of us volunteer for that are addressing the needs of the poor. Shelter for All has a different operating model than other organizations allowing us to help even more of those in need. With permanent shelter along with access to public transportation our tenants will have the ability to seek and hold jobs. By meeting weekly with volunteer mentors we will learn our tenants needs; we also will be to help with grooming and social skills and other skills that we take for granted. We plan to bring nurses to our clients so that their medical condition can be assessed and minor treatments given. Finally, having housing will our tenants dignity. Shelter for All’s operating model will be a transformative, life changing opportunity.

Daniel Segner, Director of Music St. Marks Episcopal Church
Kathleen Monson, Musician

393 North Main Street
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