DuPage Symphony Orchestra: From the Heart of Europe

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In DuPage Symphony Orchestra’s “From the Heart of Europe,” three classic pieces of Romanticism resonate within the acoustically perfect Wentz Concert Hall on the campus of North Central College: Beethoven’s dramatic Overture to Fidelio; his captivating Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61; and Dvorak’s tuneful Symphony No. 6 in D Major.

Beethoven only composed one opera in his lifetime, and the Overture to Fidelio showcases his ability to underscore the dramatic nature of the opera with the opening it deserves.

His Violin Concerto, Op. 61, was not received well in his lifetime. Since then it has earned its reputation as one of the great violin concertos of all time. Under the bow of soloist and violin virtuoso YooJin Jang, the artistry, elegance, and complexity of this Romantic masterpiece cannot be denied.

Dvorak’s four-part Sixth Symphony fills the second half of the concert. Dvorak drew his inspiration both from the models of Beethoven and Brahms, as well as the musical traditions of his native Czech homeland.

“From the Heart of Europe” is essentially a primer for some of the most important and influential music of the 1800’s, and even today.

The DuPage Symphony Orchestra seeks to provide inspiration and cultural enrichment through musical excellence, educational programs, and community outreach. NCTV17 is proud to participate with the DuPage Symphony Orchestra to showcase the amazing talents of the volunteer performers of the DSO! Please check out the coverage of our other community events.