Naperville Central High School Drumshow 2018

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The Naperville Central High School Drumshow is one of Northern Illinois’s premiere high school percussion ensembles (i.e. drums, etc.).

In a style of BlueMan Group and STOMP, NCHS Drumshow features high school students displaying high-energy drumming and very mature musicianship on a number of instruments. The students of Drumshow have performed using timpani, drumset, marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, chimes, snare drum, bongos, timbales, bass drum, congas, tabla, berimbau, dinnerware, trash cans, brooms, shopping carts, board games, and even a real car, for starters.

The aim of NCHS Drumshow is to present a professional, high-caliber musical experience that speaks to audience members in a number of ways. With professional stage lighting, a powerful sound system and very active video component to the show, it is understandable that the Naperville Community supports this project year after year. The NCHS Drumshow is a powerful mix of a number of different emotions for audience members.