Noon Whistle Brewing hosting indoor disc golf

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The Noon Whistle Brewing location in Naperville is now hosting indoor disc golf events several times a month to help local disc golfers scratch the itch until the weather warms up. Kevin Doherty, a big fan of the sport, has brought the game to Noon Whistle to give fans of disc golf, craft beer, or both a chance to have some fun!

The fun of disc golf away from the elements

“Most people are familiar with golf or as we disc golfers call it, ball golf,” Kevin Doherty explained. “Same rules. You have a tee box, you throw a drive wherever your drive lands, take a next shot and you keep taking up shots until you get to a hole. Instead of a hole it’s a basket, which then you would putt. And once it’s in, you count your score or your strokes, and that’s the score for the hole.”

“I see a lot of people out in the course are actually, definitely not on the course drinking beer as that would not be allowed. But the type of people who tend to play disc golf tend to be into craft beer. So figuring it goes hand in hand with the brewery, get some new people in and introduce a new way to get some new people who come to Noon Whistle to meet other like-minded disc golfers and make some friends along the way,” said Doherty.

“If you’ve never heard of disc golf or you’re just learning about it, it’s an awesome community,” said Doherty. “Everyone’s super friendly. I’ve met a lot of new friends that way. Some people I don’t necessarily plan to hang out with, I just run into on the course. Just get to know new people. Everyone’s friendly and trying to uplift everyone. If you want to learn new things, people will want to teach you or if you just want to go out and throw some plastic. That’s fine too.”

Events will be every other week for now

“First week, kind of really casual, just getting things started. We have a little bit of a tournament going on behind us. We started off with a game of knock out here before this. Someone took home my sweet pair of socks donated from Delaware Disc golf down in Lockport and a gift certificate for a growler fill here today,” said Doherty.

“I think the plan is going to be to do it every other week. But if it turns to be more and more popular, we might start to go every single week eventually. I’m trying to get more baskets in here, more spots for more stations will be happening at the same time. So everyone’s always putting out, hanging out, drinking good beer and having a good time,” said Doherty.

The inaugural indoor disc golf event was on Tuesday, February 7th. You can keep an eye on the Noon Whistle Brewing website for future dates.