Noon Whistle Brings New Brews to Naperville

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There’s a new business coming to Naperville, and they’re hoping to brew up some good times.

Noon Whistle Brewing

Noon Whistle Brewing is about a month away from opening its new Naperville taproom at 1748 W. Jefferson Avenue, but the brewery has been up and running for a couple weeks.

“We had a short list of locations, Naperville being on that list,” said Co-Owner Mike Condon. “We like the community, we always liked [that] we feel the local support that they give for small local businesses. That was a big attractive piece to the desire to want to move here.”

This will be the company’s second location after they started in Lombard in 2014.

Tasting Room In the Brewhouse

Once the new space opens up to the public, guests will find themselves sitting either at an outdoor patio or right in the brewhouse while enjoying some of Noon Whistle’s finest.

“Our original location had you sitting inside the brewery and getting the smells and sounds and feels of being at a brewery and we wanted to capture some of that still,” said Condon. “So having the brewhouse set in the tasting room was a design necessity in our mindset.”

Lots of Options

And with room for 40 taps planned, there should be plenty to choose from.

“Most people would tell you probably grab a hazy IPA that we make which are great and I would tell you for sure you can start there,” Condon suggested. “But we definitely try to broaden the spectrum, do all different styles.”

Condon said the new location will allow them to ramp up production on their fan favorites, and experiment with new recipes.

They hope to have the taproom open for guests by September 1.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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