Should you get a matchmaker?

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Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs, and for many, that means finding themselves back on the dating scene. While healing is essential, it’s also valuable to be open to the idea of dating again, even if you don’t feel fully ready. Sometimes, calling in the experts can make all the difference in the journey to find true love. Whether it’s friends or colleagues introducing you to potential matches in their network or enlisting the help of a professional matchmaker, the power to find “the one” is more within your grasp than you might realize. This episode of “Dana Being Dana” explores love, relationships, and the art of matchmaking.

Why seeking expert help finding love is a good decision

In the first segment, Host Dana Michelle is joined by two renowned matchmakers, Lisa Galos, President and Founder, and Anna Antonsen, Senior Director of Matchmaking, both from Elite Selective Singles and Matchmake Chicago. These ladies are no strangers to the world of matchmaking, having appeared on the hit show Millionaire Matchmaker and earned a reputation as Celebrity Matchmakers Nationwide.

Dana initiated the conversation by asking the duo about the current dating landscape. Lisa Galos aptly compared it to shopping at a warehouse store, saying, “I always compared it to going to Cosco; there’s just too much selection, too many choices. So, a lot of people end up not making any. They get afraid and just don’t put themselves out there.”

Dana went on to ask them about the benefits of matchmaking. Anna Antonsen responded, “Working with a matchmaker, you don’t have to go through a lot of the vetting process.” She said they are like a good friend who has all these great people to set you up with. “So you don’t waste a lot of time going on a lot of first dates with people that might not look like their picture.” 

The right age for matchmaking

The conversation shifted to age and whether the matchmaking experience differs for younger clients compared to those with more life experience.

Lisa shared insights into their clientele, explaining that more seasoned clients often approach matchmaking with guarded hearts due to a more extensive dating history, saying, “They’ve had a lot of ups and downs and turnarounds.”

In contrast, she said that her younger clients, predominantly millennials and even younger, have grown up with internet dating as their primary platform. “So their whole perspective is a lot different. So yeah, there is a big difference.”

She also noted that younger women tend to be more receptive to the matchmaking process due to their self-awareness and strong desire to meet someone, while younger men may need more coaching as they are more accustomed to online dating.

Anna expanded on the coaching aspect for men, stating, “The guys like it too because they don’t waste a lot of time going back and forth on the apps and emailing or texting women and not getting responses. There’s more accountability.”

“We get people who are really relationship-minded and ready to date. On the apps, You can swipe forever and never meet anyone. So it’s nice to have someone to facilitate it,” added Anna. 

Building lasting relationships through matchmaking

In the program’s second half, Dana welcomed two couples who had found love through Lisa and Anna’s matchmaking services. They discussed the importance of intentionality when working with a matchmaker and how the experience differed from other dating avenues.

Natalie La Cava shared, “There was a different energy about it because I had specific conversations about what I was looking for and the fact that my father had just died during COVID, and I was really looking for my lifetime partner.”

Teri Beran Kulat followed that up by saying her purpose was different with the matchmaking process: “My intention was to find someone to have fun with because I had been divorced and by myself for so long raising kids that I wanted fun. So I had a different intention.”

Bob Lane added his perspective: “I really wanted to find someone to share life with. I was already happy, and everything was going good.”

Teri shared her satisfaction with the matchmaking process, saying about her partner Bob, “He’s a good match. So that’s what’s nice. You know, they knew me kind of at a deep level, not just surface level. And they were right.” 

John Schmidt praised the approach, stating, “It’s a very streamlined process. You know, it does work. They do all the homework.”

Using a matchmaker can be a fulfilling and practical approach to finding a meaningful, enduring relationship. By embracing a personalized approach and investing in the matchmaking process, you enhance your chances of connecting with someone who genuinely complements your life. If you’ve grown weary of the impersonal world of online dating, consider trying matchmaking and embark on a journey toward a happier, more fulfilling love life.