Make Your Naperville Business a Steward of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Leaders and doers of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) inside Naperville area business are the panelists for a healthy discussion on CSR.  Paul Feith, President of Paul Gregory Media, Beth Lopez is a Marketing Generalist II at Phoenix, and Kacie Chitwood, Community Engagement and Development Representative from the Alive Center will define the current definition of social responsibility.  They demonstrate why businesses of all sizes are choosing to include CSR in their strategic plans and uncover why CSR is a something the modern workforce looks for in a company.

Corporate Social Responsibility Toolkit

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About the Chamber

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is more than a networking group. We are a thinking organization. Formed by the businesses among us – emerging, small, mid-size, and large global subsidiaries, we are led by professionals of all ages that embrace BOLD thinking as the foundation of who we are.

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