New Voice of the Downtown Naperville Alliance

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On this episode of Inside the Chamber, Kaylin Risvold, President and CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, introduces the new Executive Director for the Downtown Naperville Alliance (DNA), Danielle Tufano. Kaylin discovers what makes Danielle the perfect new advocate and voice for the Downtown Naperville Business community, as well as where she sees DNA heading in the future.

Inside the Chamber Guest

Danielle Tufano, Executive Director-Downtown Naperville Alliance

After nearly 16 years as an On-Air Personality and Content Director in the radio industry and countless hours volunteering for Naperville-based, not for profits, Danielle Tufano shifted careers to utilize her unique skills including marketing, advocacy, relationship building, and community involvement now as the Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance.

The Downtown Naperville Alliance

The Downtown Naperville Alliance serves as a marketing and advocacy partner for Naperville’s downtown Central Business District, comprised of 300 businesses, including shops, restaurants, spas, and service businesses. For more information visit their website.

About the Host

Kaylin Risvold is the President and CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC). She is the second woman to lead the NACC, Kaylin was raised in Naperville and is thrilled to be able to serve the community that served her.

She attended the University of Missouri where she received degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.  Kaylin worked as a broadcast journalist in Missouri, South Carolina, and Oregon until she planted roots in a Non-profit organization that spoke to her heart – the Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter where she became the Director of Media Strategy.  Kaylin also acquired a Master of Leadership Studies Degree from North Central College as part of a desire to grow as a leader. Kaylin is the first person from both sides of her family to earn a graduate degree. Kaylin was awarded the C-Suite Award from the Daily Herald Business Ledger after nine months on the job at NACC and has worked to lead the Chamber through necessary adaptation during the continuing pandemic.

Kaylin has been fortunate to call Naperville her home again for the last five years with her husband John, and their three children.

About the Chamber

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is more than a networking group. They are a thinking organization. Formed by the businesses around them – emerging, small, mid-size, and large global subsidiaries, they are led by professionals of all ages that embrace BOLD thinking as the foundation of who they are.  To find out more about how the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is driving economic growth through active engagement and advocacy for the business community, visit the website.

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