Ashfaq Syed City Council Candidate

Ashfaq Syed is running for City Council in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Ashfaq Syed

My name is Ashfaq Syed, and I am running for Naperville City Council on April 4, 2023. I am an active resident of Naperville and passionate about making a difference in the city. One of our shared values is recognizing the need for diverse perspectives at all levels of decision-making. 

If I am elected by the people of Naperville, our City Council will be closer to reflecting the rich cultural diversity of our city. My passion for Naperville goes beyond social engagement into real impact, as reflected by the various boards and committees that I am committed to. 

I am a trustee of the Naperville Public Library, a board member for Loaves & Fishes, Naperville Neighbors United, Diversity Advisory Board for the Daily Herald, and I am also a graduate of the Naperville Citizen Police & Fire Academy. Alongside those, I serve as a Committee Member for 360 Youth Services, a Civic Engagement Committee Member at the ICN. I was the co-chair of the 2020 US Census Naperville Complete Count Committee to create innovative strategies for a widespread outreach campaign that was incredibly successful despite the challenges. 

Naperville was recognized as the #1 City in America for US Census Self Responses. Our city will receive more federal and state funding. In recognition of our invaluable contribution to the 2020 US Census in Naperville, I was honored with a City of Naperville Mayoral Proclamation. I have spent many years working with local non-profits, community organizations, religious and secular groups, and elected officials to help make Naperville the great city it is today.

What does Ashfaq Syed want to accomplish if elected to City Council?

My commitments to Naperville are economic development, community safety, and affordable housing. I live in Naperville with my wife, Ayeisha Osman, and three children. I hope I can count on your support at the ballot box on April 4. 

From NCTV17

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