Benjamin “Benny” White Mayoral Candidate

Benny White is running for Mayor in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Benny White

I received an appointment to West Point in 1983 and graduated in 1987. My active duty career in the Army lasted 22 years and took me around the United States as well as around the world. I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. My family, including my wife Kim and two children, moved to Naperville in 2005 during my last assignment for the United States Army, when I was selected to be the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) Professor of Military Science at Wheaton College.

In addition to my degree from West Point, I earned two Masters degrees, including an MBA, and a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in Values-Driven Leadership. After moving here, we quickly realized that Naperville was the right place for us and our children thrived in the District 204 schools.

Why is Benny White running for Mayor?

In 2012 I was asked to join the District 204 School Board when a vacancy occurred. I ran for that office when the term expired and decided to take on a new challenge in 2017 running for the Naperville City Council. After serving six years I am ready to run for Mayor of Naperville. The units of government I’ve served in have excelled while I was in office. This is a job that I have been preparing for all my life, and I am more than ready to lead as Mayor of Naperville. 

As we move into the second quarter of this decade we will need to make some important decisions about our electric utility (how to transition away from coal), about how to engage, include, and serve our residents from Generation Z citizens to our seniors, about how to maintain a supportive business environment, and how to make the best use of our geographical assets.

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