John Risvold Park Board Candidate

John Risvold is running for the Naperville Park District Board in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on John Risvold

My name is John Risvold. I am a husband, a father of three young kids, a personal injury trial lawyer, and I am asking for your vote. As a partner at The Collins Law Firm here in Naperville, I seek justice for the injured in court – I am their voice, and I stand up for them when they have been wronged. 

Why is John Risvold running for the Naperville Park District Board?

I am running for Naperville Park District Commissioner to better serve the place where my family and I live, and to be a voice for our community, the same way I am a voice for victims of injury in the courtroom.

My focus as a commissioner is on Opportunity, Accessibility, Sustainability, and Responsibility. That means giving everyone in our community the opportunity to enjoy the parks and participate in park programs, making parks and park programs both accessible and sustainable while ensuring fiscal responsibility and responsible growth. 

Naperville is growing every year, and Naperville consistently remains one of the best places to live in the nation. That is in part because our Parks and our Programs continue to deliver. Our Park District has hundreds of programs for all ages and interests – from sports for kids and adults, to stage performances and community events. The Parks District also oversees 136 parks and over 2,400 acres of land, including over 70 miles of trails. 

I want to work to protect these vital spaces, to give everyone in our community a place to connect with each other and nature, improve our health and wellness, and strengthen our community. I’m ready to hit the ground running, to do the important work of keeping our Park District, parks, and park programs a driving reason why people move to Naperville and put down roots. I hope you’ll join me.

From NCTV17

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