Mark Rising Indian Prairie 204 Board Candidate

Mark Rising is running for the Indian Prairie School District 204 Board in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Mark Rising

Current D204 Board of Education (BOE) and current VP seeking re-election. A resident of D204 for 26 years. Married with two daughters who both attended 204 schools preK-12, with my youngest graduating in 2022. I work as a Business Development Manager for a technology company. 

I am seeking re-election to ensure we maintain our great school district (#36 in the US) for our students, our community, and our property values. We have a strong, involved, and committed school board, and I want to continue to be a part of it to ensure all of our students are inspired to achieve their greatest potential. 

Extremely involved in D204 for 20 years in PTA’s PDAC and Special Needs PTA, and I’ve mentored dozens of students in our community. Before I was first elected in 2011, I attended almost every school board meeting since 2007. I feel I bring a historical BOE knowledge and insight to my fellow Board Members and Superintendent. 

What does Mark Rising want to accomplish if elected to the Indian Prairie 204 School Board? 

My priorities are academic success, increased advocacy with our municipalities and local/state elected officials, and communication/parent involvement.

Academic Success – Continue to increase our student achievement with high-quality curriculum and instruction, and available support for our students while making sure all of our students feel welcome in their schools. 

Increased Advocacy – Our board has always worked collaboratively with our local and state elected officials.We need to continue and increase that practice for additional state funding (to lessen the burden on our property taxpayers), minimize State education unfunded mandates, ensure local control of our school district, and promote local economic business development. 

Communication/Parent Involvement – Look to improve communication as a school district and always involve parents and the community in our BOE decision-making process.

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