Meghna Bansal City Council Candidate

Meghna Bansal is running for City Council in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Meghna Bansal

I am an active business and community leader based in Naperville. Currently I serve on the Wheatland Township as an Elected Trustee. I co-chair the Senior Committee for the Township, helping our seniors with several initiatives. Professionally, I am the Finance Executive for over 20 years and lead the Finance department of Q1 Technologies, Inc Academically, I hold an MBA and BS in Business and Finance. I have been on White Eagle Homeowners Board for several years. Serving the community and volunteering has been my passion.

I have been involved in volunteering for Schools, PTAs, Swim Teams, Local and State Elections, and many non-profit organizations. I have been a women chair and a key volunteer for Indian Community Outreach, helping them organize the India Day Celebration and other events. I have lived in Naperville since 2004. Family and values are paramount to me. I have been married to Krishna Bansal for over 28 years, who is a businessman and community leader. We have two daughters attending college. Naperville is my home, and I have built my business and raised a family. 

Why is Meghna Bansal running for City Council?

In recent years, we have seen Naperville changing – towards the wrong side. I am very concerned about safety and losing family values, and the money spent on high budgets and bills. Being from a diverse background, I am concerned about my community and beliefs. Hence, decided to run for these elections. 

My strong finance background, experience as an elected official, and being intellectually honest with the approach to issues, my commitment to the community qualifies me as a city council candidate. I am running because I want to make a difference for Naperville. I want to help our great city become an amazing city. I believe the decisions we make today are going to impact the livability for generations to come. I look forward to your support and vote. My website is Thank you. 

From NCTV17

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