A look back at 2021

A look back at 2021
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A look back at 2021.

December 2021 brings another groundbreaking year to an end for Naperville’s nonprofit TV station. With 170,000 monthly visits to NCTV17.com, 44,000 followers on Facebook, daily content published across four social media platforms, and millions of views on our two YouTube channels, NCTV17’s stories have reached a wide audience. NCTV17 has opened doors across our community, connected Napervillians to one another, and helped us all stay informed with the local news we need.

The station’s hardworking team of professionals and technical experts couldn’t accomplish the breadth and depth of their work without the behind-the-scenes leadership from our Board of Directors. This dedicated team of volunteers support NCTV17 through strategic planning, financial management and fundraising efforts, always with our vision of ensuring that our shared Naperville community is informed, connected and engaged.

I would like to thank our outgoing board members: Sandy Benson, Derek McDaniel, and Kristen Jungles for their thoughtful service and contributions over the last two years.

As I prepare to hand over the gavel to Kader Sakkari it’s been my honor to serve as President these past two years. In partnership with the board and staff, we have laid the strategic groundwork for the next five years, increased our news coverage, expanded new staff positions increasing the depth of talent, recruited new board members, elevated the importance of fundraising as a nonprofit, and launched a new monthly donor initiative – the 17 Club – become a founding member today! And we’ve done all of this while surviving, and reporting on, the second year of a global pandemic!

While my time on the NCTV17 is reaching an end, as we look ahead to 2022 and the station’s 35th anniversary year, I could not be prouder of where we are as an organization.

The first 35 years of Naperville’s community television history is only the beginning and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store as we continue innovative approaches to telling the stories of the vibrant community that is Naperville – the fourth largest city in Illinois.

I hope you’ll join us for our yearlong 35th anniversary celebration beginning with a city proclamation on January 18, 2022.

Shoshana Frank, NCTV17 Board President