A Voice For Naperville’s Nonprofits

Naperville's nonprofits on Television with Host Jane Wernette
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One of the things that makes Naperville such a great place to live, work, and raise a family is the spirit of giving and service to others that contributes to the well-being and vibrancy of our community. With over three hundred nonprofit organizations in the Naperville area (including NCTV17), it’s no surprise that volunteerism is a cornerstone of our town’s values.

Through the powerful medium of television, NCTV17 is proud to help these nonprofit groups bring community attention to their important missions. There are two key ways the television station does this at no cost to Naperville’s nonprofits.

First is a complimentary appearance on our bi-weekly talk show, “Spotlight.” Over the years, this show has featured hundreds of local nonprofit organizations. Some are committed to education, others to the arts, and many others to providing much-needed social services throughout the community addressing issues such as homelessness, food insecurity, mental illness, unemployment, and many more. Together with Presenting Sponsor, Busey Bank, we offer each Naperville-based group the opportunity for an 8-minute interview on the show once a year to share information about their programs and services with residents.

Second is the opportunity for coverage by our news team. Naperville’s nonprofits are a regular feature within NCTV17 News Update, our daily e-news covering all the latest local headlines delivered directly to a subscriber’s inbox each weekday morning. These articles might showcase an upcoming food drive or special event. Other stories are covered by “Naperville News 17,” and dig a little deeper into each story, whether that’s discussing the latest Citizens Appreciate Public Safety Awards or sharing the story of how DanceOn! performed for the kids in Uvalde. For coverage consideration, simply send a press release or news tip to newstips@nctv17.org.

At NCTV17, we appreciate our fellow nonprofit organizations who are working hard to ensure a high quality of life for everyone in our community. As such, we will continue to help ensure their success by giving voice to their missions.

– Jane Wernette, Host of Spotlight