NCTV17 tells Naperville’s story

Marcel Francis captures the Naperville Gold Star Families story
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Naperville Community Television’s mission is to inform, connect, and engage our community by telling Naperville’s story on air and online!

The process of telling stories, however, goes well beyond just pointing a camera and capturing digital images. Where should the story start? Who are the main characters? What information needs to be shared? Where does the story end?

At NCTV17, we believe everyone and everything has a story. Regardless of whether we cover a story for Naperville News 17 or Naperville Sports Weekly or conduct an interview for one of our talk shows, there is a responsibility that accompanies telling someone else’s story.

In storytelling, trust is imperative. People are sharing a part of themselves, and at NCTV17, we work hard to ensure we treat every story with respect. Our goal is to build a reputation as a trusted story source for our community.

So, whether we’re telling the story of how the community honored our Gold Star families or sharing a more personal story about how a recent high school graduate started a bike club to help kids enjoy the outdoors, we understand it’s our responsibility to tell the story well.

We know that each story told on Channel 17 & becomes interwoven into the fabric of our community. Much as a quilt is created from individual pieces, a community is created from individual stories that come together to form the collective memory.

In today’s world, where nearly every Napervillian has a video camera on their mobile phone, what sets NCTV17 apart from much of the video seen on the internet? It’s our reporters’ ability to not only capture images on a camera but to tell the whole story. To weave together the images and sound bites in such a way that the viewer feels something, thinks something, and perhaps even does something as a result of the story we’ve told.

At NCTV17, it’s our privilege to connect our community by sharing your stories! If you have a story idea to share with us, email: