Thanksgiving Is A Time To Come Together

Thanksgiving Is A Time To Come Together
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In a year of uncertainty when many issues divide us, Thanksgiving represents a season of giving and a time to come together. Yes, even while social distancing! It’s a time to focus on the important people in our lives, what unites us, and the things we’re thankful for.

At NCTV17 we’re thankful for you – our viewers!

Throughout 2020, our news team has worked tirelessly to bring you accurate and timely daily news amid a pandemic, social unrest, and a contentious election. We’ve also delivered messages from our city leaders, saftey tips from the hospital, and covered stories about everyday citizens performing heartwarming acts of kindness.

Many of you have taken time out of your busy schedules to send us thank you emails and messages. Please know how much we appreciate receiving those!

We also want to give a shout-out to all the local businesses that continue to support us financially by sponsoring our programming. The station could not operate without the investment of our local business community. Today is Small Business Saturday so if you’re heading out to get some holiday shopping done, we encourage you to #ShopLocal.

Giving TuesdayOn Tuesday, December 1st the world comes together for Giving Tuesday. Created in 2012, this day is designed to encourage people to do good and give generously to their favorite nonprofit organizations.

Naperville has many wonderful nonprofit organizations, and they all contribute to the bedrock of our community and what makes Naperville so special. And, while many people don’t realize it, NCTV17 is also a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Started in 1987, our mission is to tell local stories on air and online so we help create an informed, connected, and engaged community.

Few suburbs have their own television station, and even fewer have one that delivers daily news, high school and college sports, talk shows on everything from seniors to careers, a game show, and coverage of events, like parades, musical performances, and local elections.

NCTV17 is honored to be your nonprofit television station, broadcasting on Channel 17 and If you value what we do to keep the community you call home informed and connected, please consider a gift of support this Giving Tuesday.

– Jane Wernette, NCTV17 Community Development Director