Where are you now Mike Hubatch?

Mike Hubatch. NCTV17 Alumni
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Mike Hubatch joined NCTV17 in March 2014 as a Production Services Producer. During his time at the station Mike produced video content for many of the station’s clients. He also directed our high school and college live sports events as well as NCTV17’s game show, Game On! Mike worked with the programming team as a cameraman on many community events during his tenure and is an FAA certified drone pilot.

Mike left NCTV17 in March 2021 to be a photographer and video producer at Harper College.

What was a favorite NCTV17 memory?

One of my earlier assignments, I was the camera technician for the Kevin Cordes interview. It was my first time meeting an Olympian and the medals were heavier than they looked.

What was your proudest moment at NCTV17?

Directing the North Central College home football games as well as The Red Zone show as they trekked their way to a NCAA Championship in 2019. We had a great production team the whole season.

Why are local community news/sports important to you?

Local news and sports are important to me because there are noteworthy events happening every day in every city. Therefore, at NCTV17 if we were not sharing the story, no one was.

Did you have a special role model that inspired this career pursuit?

A professor put a camera in my hands during my first photography class at Illinois State University and I’ve never looked back.

What skills are you using in your current job that you learned at NCTV17?

Project management, sales, and client retention.

What motivates you at work?

I find the world and the people on it very interesting, and I find traveling the world and documenting someone’s unique moments to be a worthwhile endeavor.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

You’ll be fine.