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Bill Inspired By Walgren Passed

There’s a new state law requiring a parent or guardian to be notified and present when a student under 18 who is suspected of committing a criminal act is questioned by law enforcement on school grounds. Bill 2627 was signed on Friday, and was first inspired by 16-year-old Corey Walgren, who died by suicide not long after being questioned by school officials and a resource officer at Naperville North. Walgren was questioned before his mom was called and got to the school. If it’s not possible for parents to be at the questioning, the new law states a school social worker, guidance counselor, nurse, or other type of mental health professional should be present. Representative Stephanie Kifowit worked with her Youth Advisory Council to draft the legislation earlier this year.


Opioid Seminar

Dr. Azlan Tariq hosted an Opioid Seminar at North Central College on Saturday. Dr. Tariq discussed the reasons why he thinks there’s an epidemic, including ease of access to opioids and the way they’re marketed. He believes that opioids are appropriate to use in some cases such as post-surgery and cancer patients. But alternatives, like massage, acupuncture, and yoga, can be used for certain conditions instead of medication.


National Bell Ringing

Sunday marked a nationwide bell ringing to honor the first enslaved Africans who landed in America 400 years ago. Naperville Neighbors United and the Naperville Park District partnered up to host the event, where nearly 100 people stood hand in hand at the Millennium Carillon. They held four minutes of silence – one minute for each century.


Homeless Helpers

A young group of students called Homeless Helpers sold lemonade in the Knoch Knolls neighborhood yesterday to raise money for DuPagePads. Aidan Simler started hosting the sale when he was in first grade. Over the last seven years he’s gained help from some friends and has raised $8,100. This year Homeless Helpers raised $1,700, but donations are still coming in and Aidan hopes to hit $10,000 after everything is totaled up.