Campaign Donation Recusal Discussed | First Day for D204 | Celebrating Officer Friendly

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Campaign Donation Recusal Discussed

On Tuesday, Naperville City Council discussed adding a rule that would require council members to recuse themselves when their campaign donors are petitioning an issue. Councilwoman Theresa Sullivan brought up the idea, suggesting if a petitioner or representative of the petitioner donated at least $500 to a particular candidate, that councilperson should recuse themselves. Mayor Steve Chirico disagreed, voicing concern that this practice could limit those who can run for council to those who can self-fund at least part of their candidacy. City Attorney Mike DiSanto said if the policy were adopted, it would likely need to be self-policed by the council members. Several council members said they’d be interested in city staff looking into the issue.

First Day for D204

This morning Indian Prairie School District 204 rang in the new school year. Educators from Brookdale Elementary and the District’s Superintendent Dr. Adrian Talley carried on the school’s legacy by sounding their Bell Tower. The tradition was started by former Principal Chuck Seidel, who recently passed away. The school’s new principal Keeley Schmid said she was honored to take part in the ringing of the bell, which bears the inscription “May the Sounds of Our Children Always Ring in the Air”. District 204 is starting their year with full remote learning.

Blanding’s Turtle Release

Yesterday the first captive-bred Blanding’s turtles from a partnership between the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and the Brookfield Zoo were released into the wild. For 25 years, the forest preserve has been operating a “head-start” program for the endangered species. Since 2011, Brookfield Zoo has taken some of the wild-born juvenile turtles from the forest preserve and raised them in the zoo’s rearing pond. After a successful breeding by some of those turtles last year, these yearlings were born, and brought back to DuPage County to be released in a forest preserve.

Chicago Pickleball Open

Nike Sports Complex will host the Chicago Pickleball Open today through Sunday. As a precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will include fewer players and spectators than last year’s event, which was also held at the Naperville Park District site.

Celebrating Officer Friendly

Tomorrow a group will gather at the Officer Friendly statue at Douglas Avenue and Washington Street at 11:30 a.m. to celebrate the life of Mayor Emeritus George Pradel. Pradel spent nearly 30 years as a Naperville police officer, and then 20 more as our town’s mayor. He died on September 4, 2018, just one day shy of his 81st birthday.

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