Clean Up in Downtown | Late Night Protest | Peaceful Protest

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Clean Up in Naperville

After last night’s protest, around 700 people showed up in Downtown Naperville to clean up the aftermath of the looting. Some were there as early as six in the morning and had the streets cleaned up within an hour. City leaders were on hand to help with the clean up and provide support to downtown businesses.

Late Night Protest

At around 9 p.m., last night a peaceful protest turned violent when the group began to disperse after police announced the curfew time had arrived. Wood pieces, bottles, and bricks were used to smash business windows including Sullivan’s Steakhouse and Barnes and Noble and some like Pandora and Lush were looted as well. Bricks and bottles were also thrown at police officers. One protestor was stabbed by another protestor and has been hospitalized. Explosive devices were also set off which injured one police officer. The Naperville Police Department made numerous arrests. The NPD is still assessing damages. Businesses and residents who need to report property damage are asked to call the police department’s non-emergency number at 630-420-6666.

Peaceful Protest

Earlier in the day before the violence broke out, 300-400 people gathered for an organized, peaceful protest on Washington and Chicago Avenue. The group made their way through downtown streets, city hall, and then the police department. Mayor Steve Chirico, Councilman Benny White, and a couple of police officers knelt down with them as a sign of support. 

Graffiti at Cantore Park

Three women have been cited by the Naperville Police Department after “BLM,” standing for “Black Lives Matter,” was found spray-painted on an erected partition and concrete pad at Cantore Park. This is the same location where “White Pride” was found spray painted on Memorial Day. The Naperville Park District has removed the graffiti and will be permanently removing the partition.