NNHS student saves man’s life | North Central to Stagg Bowl | Winter Reading Program

NCTV17 News Update slate for Dec. 11, 2023 with Naperville North High School exterior in background, lead story on NNHS student who saves man's life
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Naperville North student saves man’s life  

Naperville North High School sophomore Jackson Teran is being hailed as a hero, after saving a man’s life during his work shift at a Downers Grove restaurant.

According to a report by NBC5 Chicago, the 15-year-old had only been on the job as a busboy at Carnivore & the Queen for four days when he noticed a man in the restaurant was choking.

Teran saw that the man’s face was turning red, and asked if he was okay. When the man signaled that he wasn’t, Teran successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver, stopping the man from choking. Teran told NBC5 he learned how to do the life-saving maneuver in ninth grade, and said he also watches a lot of 911 shows.

North Central College football moves on to Stagg Bowl

North Central College football is moving on to the Stagg Bowl following a 34-27 victory over Wartburg in the semifinals.

The Cardinals advance to face Cortland in the Division III National Championship game in Salem, Virginia on Friday. The game can be seen live on ESPNU at 6 p.m. and heard on WONC 89.1fm.

SewaDewail volunteers donate more than 3,700 lbs. of food to Loaves & Fishes

Shelves at Naperville’s Loaves and Fishes are now fuller thanks to more than 50 local Dharmic organizations taking part in the annual SewaDiwali donation drive. Learn more about their efforts, which netted more than 3,700 pounds of food for the nonprofit.

Tuba Christmas sounds off in downtown Naperville

Tuba Christmas returned to downtown Naperville on Saturday, bringing holiday spirit with its festive players and instruments. Hear more about the event along with some of the performance.

Naperville Public Library’s Winter Reading Program begins

The Naperville Public Library’s Winter Reading Program blasts off today, with “A Universe of Stories” as this year’s theme. Find out more about how kids in grade 12 and younger can take part.