2017 Fall Movie Preview

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Currently flipping onto a screen near you, Lloyd and his fellow ninjas in the “Lego Ninjago Movie.”

“This is their first big screen movie, so I guess out of the Lego box they come to the big screen,” said Marketing Manager with Classic Cinemas, Mark Mazrimas. “And they’re going to battle his father who is the evil character that wants to ruin their island.”

Also out now, a true story serving up comedy on the tennis court.

“‘Battle of the Sexes,’ 1973 Bobby Riggs was a former tennis champ, he was a hustler, he was a male chauvinist. And he challenged, what was at that time the top female tennis player Billy Jean King,” said Mazrimas.

Getting into October, a classic gets a long awaited sequel in “Blade Runner 2049.”

“This time we find a young blade runner who’s an LAPD Detective played by Ryan Gosling,” said Mazrimas. “And he uncovers a buried secret that has to do with the replicants, and it leads him to finding Rick Deckert, who was played by Harrison Ford in the first movie.”

Also in October, Gerard Butler returns to the big screen in a disaster movie that hopes to take the world by storm, “Geostorm” that is.

Mazrimas explains, “This is one where the weather satellites kid of go goofy and all of a sudden start bringing us these horrific storms. So should look good on the big screen.”

“Suburbicon” is a unique dark comedy from the minds of the Coen brothers, with George Clooney in the directing chair, starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore.

“They’re this kind of suburban couple in 1959,” said Mazrimas. “They live in a very quiet neighborhood, and their life is turned upside down when there’s this home invasion.”

Mazrimas continues, “What would be October without a few scares? I think the most interesting title is ‘Happy Death Day.’ This takes a kind of horror spin on the movie ‘Groundhog Day.’”

“Happy Death Day” will begin thrilling audiences fittingly on Friday the 13th.

And the celebrate Halloween Ogden 6 will be hosting a special showing of the original “Night of the Living Dead” on Friday, October 27.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.