2017 Summer Movie Preview

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The month of May kicks-off the summer movie season. This year’s summer movies are going to make a big splash with audiences.

Adventure sets sail in may with “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

Things rev up in June with “Cars 3” crashing into theaters.

“Summer brings us a Pixar movie,” said Marketing Director with Classic Cinemas, Mark Mazrimas. “Lightning McQueen is back on the race track, voiced by Owen Wilson and Mater and a lot of his friends will be back. Always colorful, great animation, ‘Cars 3’ should be a lot of fun.”

Also in June, ancient history comes back with a vengeance in this monster reboot of “The Mummy.”

“Universal Pictures wants to create a whole new monster universe so who do they hand the keys over to, but Tom Cruise, who’s going to battle an evil princess mummy who gets awakened from the dead,” said Mazrimas.

Then, comedy hits the jackpot in “The House.”

“You’ve got two parents that didn’t plan well for their daughter going to college, and when they’re played by Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, you know their daughter’s in trouble,” said Mazrimas. “So they come up with this scheme that they’re going to turn their basement into a gambling den to raise money to send their daughter off to college.”

July brings director Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” to the big screen, depicting 400,000 Allied soldiers trying to escape the French beach of the same name during World War II.

“This is a movie that you want to see on the big screen so should be an epic movie and maybe on Oscar contender opening up in the summer,” said Mazrimas.

And Stephen King’s words once again come to life in “The Dark Tower.”

“It’s taken along time to get to the screen,” said Mazrimas. “I know a lot of fans of the Stephen King books are looking forward to that one.”

The film makes its way to our world in August.

This summer, Ogden 6 will once again be hosting their Wednesday Morning Movie Series, where tickets to select kids movies are just $1.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.