2019 Fair Lady Award Presented to Karen Jarczyk

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Fair Lady Productions has been recognizing influential women in the Naperville community since 2012, and they recently named Karen Jarczyk this year’s honoree.

Jarczyk has worked at 360 Youth Services for 37 years and serves as the prevention director. She is responsible for some of the organization’s most successful programs, including Naperville Operation Snowball.

Throughout her work, she has embodied the qualities the award has sought to honor since it began seven years ago.

“It’s just an awareness of how much work people do in this community that sometimes is unrewarded or unrecognized or not known. These are ladies that have truly had an impact in this community and if you watch them you can learn,” said Kandiss Hernandez, executive director and founder of Fair Lady Productions.

A Team Effort

Though she said she felt pride in being recognized, Jarczyk felt her award should celebrate everyone who has helped her along the way.

“I’m just so clearly aware of how many other people in our community, in my mind, do such fabulous things,” she said. “And also that the only way I got here today is by working closely with so many amazing people. So I feel like they deserve it too.”

Several former recipients of the award were in attendance to show support and appreciation for Jarczyk.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.