95th Street Community Plaza Will Open July 4th Weekend

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After a couple years in the making the 95th Street Community Plaza is here.

The two-acre plaza’s completion couldn’t come at a better time, as this weekend the City of Naperville will have their fireworks show at Frontier Sports Complex.

“As of right now as part of this plaza several amenities are ready to be opened for this July 4 holiday weekend,” said Eric Shutes, director of planning at the Naperville Park District. “So the amenities include the playground, we have what’s called the Wagner Family Pavilion, we also have a restroom area, there’s ADA accessible pathways, [and] sitting areas for the community to enjoy.”

Playground Equipment

The community plaza also has a splash pad, but it’s currently closed. The park district is working to get clearance from the Illinois Department of Public Health to open it up.

As far as the playground goes it has traditional parts like slides, but definitely has its unique characteristics.

“A lot of the equipment came through collaborations with the City of Naperville and the Naperville Public Library,” said Shutes. “[The equipment] is really linked to the library and the reading theme and all the great books and literature that is out there. [The goal] is to get parents and children involved not only with the reading, but the play aspect. It’s a really unique experience.”

Cost of 95th Street Community Plaza

The project’s cost was $3.6 million and was funded, in part, by cash-in-lieu fees and a donation from Pulte Homes in collaboration with the Wagner family.

When the plaza opens the park district asks that visitors follow CDC guidelines and maintain social distancing when possible.

The plaza is a part of the Frontier Sports Complex, and connects bike trails for community members to use.

The 95th Street Community Plaza also has some open spaces and picnic tables for those looking to enjoy a meal outdoors.

“With the phase four guidelines people are encouraged to go outside, recreate, and enjoy the outdoors,” said Shutes. “So these picnic tables provide opportunities where groups in the community can get together, safely, and socially distant to have a great meeting, conversation or just enjoy a day with the kids out at the park.”

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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