A Family of Eagle Scouts

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Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is an honor that few young people realize. But for one nearby family, it’s become a regular accomplishment.

Only four percent of boy scouts go on to be Eagle Scouts. But in the Schramek family in Aurora, that number is 100 percent.

When youngest son Tim was awarded his eagle medal and patch on January 20, he joined his older brothers Joe and Tom in scouting’s highest rank.

“I liked the outdoors and all that so I had a lot of fun hiking and doing all the pack things,” said Tim. “Pinewood Derby was a lot of fun and camping. But I guess what really got me into it was my brothers doing it.”

Even their parents are involved. The boys’ mother Janet Schramek is a scoutmaster and their father Kevin was a boy scout himself and has served as committee chairman for his son’s troops among other positions.

That family-wide connection to the scouting world made it an even more satisfying experience to watch their sons get their eagles.

“I was very proud of watching them grow and learn and do all that work,” said Janet. “When they walk out after the board tells them you get it, it’s like this big weight lifted off and at the same time it’s like, wow that’s an accomplishment.”

As a senior at Oswego East High School, Tim is still looking at colleges for next year. Joe is studying industrial technology at Mississippi State and Tom is studying finance at Arizona State.

Tim’s eagle project involved clearing an invasive species, Tom beautified the Oswego Knights of Columbus Hall, and Joe organized a youth fishing seminar.

With three Eagle Scouts in the same family, it’s safe to say the Schrameks have soared above expectations.

“I was very proud of all my sons to do that, that’s a great achievement and everything. It’s a lot of hard work and everything they all did it. They persevered,” said Kevin.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.