A Turkey Trotter Who’s Been in Every Race

December 1, 2019
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Turkey Trot Tradition

The Turkey Trot may have become a tradition for some over the years, but none more than Kevin Gensler who has participated in every single Naperville Turkey Trot.

And at this point it’s not just a tradition for him. It’s a commitment.

“Last year I walked the whole thing for the first time because I had heart surgery seven weeks before, so it was a goal to do that,” said Gensler.

After undergoing a major surgery, why not just skip it?

“They’ve been doing it for many, many years and as long as I’m around here why would I not do it? After you’ve done so many of them you want to keep the streak up,” said Gensler.

A Thanksgiving Tradition

He’s kept the streak up for the last 21 years, and this Thanksgiving won’t be any different.

And he won’t be taking on the 5K race alone with his son and daughter-in-law trotting along beside him.

“It’s become a tradition that we go do the Turkey Trot, then after the Turkey Trot we go to Quigley’s for a little bit and then come home and enjoy Thanksgiving,” said Gensler.

The family element is one reason why Gensler enjoys participating in the Turkey Trot so much.

“You see a lot of families doing it, including family members that come from out of town and do it together, which is nice,” said Gensler.

Although the turkey trotter has done many races throughout the years, this is the only one he’s done every year.

Reporting for Sports Story Sunday, I’m Aysha Ashley Househ.