Afternoon Protest in Naperville; Facebook Live

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Hundreds of people turned out for a peaceful afternoon protest in Naperville. It began in downtown Naperville and, with the assistance of Naperville police officers who blocked off the streets, the protesters began to march through downtown Naperville to the Municipal Center.

Once there, community leaders like Regina Brenty of Unity Partnership addressed the crowd. The march then continued along Aurora Avenue to the Naperville Police Department.

Mayor Steve Chirico, Councilman Benny White, and other community leaders addressed the crowd who were protesting George Floyd’s Death. The protesters asked the Mayor and the police officers in attendance to “take a knee” with them.

The protesters then marched back downtown before the protest ended at the Naperville Post Office.

This protest was a peaceful event, separate from the protest that occurred later that evening.

Watch NCTV17’s News Reporter Casey Krajewski’s live report on Facebook.

This feed was live and unedited, so we apologize for any graphic language or images that may appear.

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