All But One Book Launch

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A long-time District 203 teacher returned to Naperville to launch “All But One,” the third book in “The Fifth Floor” trilogy.

Julie Oleszek returned to BeeBe Elementary School after three years to launch her third book, “All But One.”

“I’ve always been a writer but my last several years of teaching I started writing as much as I possibly could,” said Oleszek. “And to teach full time and to write full time was nearly impossible so I just had to make the decision which of my loves I was going to go with, and I chose writing after 20 years of teaching.”

Oleszek’s family and friends gathered for a reading from the book, discussion, and a signing.

“All But One” marks an end to Oleszek’s trilogy, and she’s currently working on her fourth book now.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.