Annual Holiday Lights Go Up in Downtown Naperville

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Thanksgiving week is here, the sky is dark early, so that means the holidays are here in downtown Naperville and the streets are dazzling with light.

“Downtown Naperville is lit up. Behind me, as you can see, we are getting ready to get into the holiday season and we’re actually in the holiday season. Downtown Naperville is officially in the holiday season, so we’re lit up and downtown Naperville is lit up for the holiday season,” said Danielle Tufano of the Downtown Naperville Alliance.

A Sky of Light 

Endless and a few hundred thousand LED lights turned the dark night into a bright sky thanks to the city’s public works department’s tireless weeks of effort to decorate the town. 

“Public works does such a fantastic job with their contractor; they actually start doing the holiday lights in October and they work through the middle of November. So it’s a labor of love and they do a lot of work because there’s a lot of coordination with the business owner and the building owners to get access to the rooftops and make sure that they can get to the top of the trees. So there’s a lot of coordination involved in getting these lights up,” said Tufano.

Festive Holiday Mood 

“I just think everyone’s in a great mood, everybody’s cheerful, everybody’s ready for a great holiday season and it’s such a special time of the year,” said Tufano.

There are so many holiday events coming up including the Holiday Lights parade on November 25th, so Tufano and the rest of the Downtown Naperville Alliance have you covered for a jolly good time.  

“So there’s a lot going on. We have a holiday guide for you to see all on our website Downtown,” said Tufano.

Naperville New 17 Patrick Codo Reports.