Avenida Breaks Ground

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Construction is underway on Avenida Naperville, a new apartment complex for those 62 and older.

The project includes 146 apartments aimed at seniors who would like to maintain an active lifestyle.

“Our goal for this project is to create an environment and a location that seniors who live in Naperville or live near by can come together or live together in a highly active, highly-amenitized community where there’s something to do from sun up until however late they want to go in the evenings,” said Bob May, founder and managing partner of Avenida Partners.

The three-story development is being built at 504 Commons Road and includes amenities like a fitness center, theater, and a pool.

Before bringing their proposal to city council, Avenida met with the Naperville Senior Task Force, who evaluated their project on how well it addresses the needs of seniors.

“We’re happy with Avenida!” said Beverly Frier, co-chair of the Naperville Senior Task Force. “Their report card is about an A so yes, we’re behind Avenida, we like what they’re doing.”

The Avenida leasing office will open in early 2019 and the complex should be ready for residents by early 2020.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.