Awe Summit Scholarships enabled by Everest record-setter Lucy Westlake

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AWE Summit Scholarship Foundation, along with Naperville North High School graduate and mountain climbing record-setter Lucy Westlake, is accepting applications for scholarships that cover the expedition fee for an all-women three-day instructional climb on Mount Baker in Washington from June 2 to 6.

The four scholarships are open to young women ages 14 to 19. It includes mountaineering footwear from LOWA Boots, a night in Seattle before and after the mountain, and the guidance of inspiring women mountaineering guides, including Westlake.

About mountaineering record-setter Lucy Westlake

In May of 2022, Westlake became the youngest U.S. woman to summit Mount Everest at 18 years old. It wasn’t the first record she’d set, having become the youngest female to climb the lower 48 state highpoints at the age of 12, and the youngest female to climb the highpoints of all 50 states at the age of 17. Her next goal is to become the youngest person to accomplish the Explorers Grand Slam: climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents and reaching both poles. She already has five of those peaks under her belt.

First time for this summit scholarship

This is the first time this type of scholarship has been offered for those under 18, and it’s thanks to the dedication and support of Westlake. She was awarded the Billie Jean King ESPYS Award in 2022. With that came a grant, which she used as seed money to launch this scholarship, through the AWE Summit Scholarship Foundation. It’s meant to help inspire other women to take on mountains, helping to close the gender gap within the climbing community.

No prior mountaineering skills are required to apply, but participants should be in good physical condition, and have done some hiking in the past. To learn more about the instructional climb and apply, visit the AWE Summit Scholarship Foundation website. The deadline to apply is Jan. 31, 2023.

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