Bernie Sanders Speaks to Naperville Students

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Current U.S. Senator from Vermont, and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stopped by Naperville Central to address a packed auditorium.

The senator spoke to around 800 sophomore students in Government and A.P. Government from both Naperville North and Central about the importance of caring about politics.

“Politics is important because policies are determined which will end up determining whether or not you have jobs or not jobs, whether you have healthcare, whether or not we protect the environment, whether we address climate change,” said Senator Sanders.

Sanders was in town to promote his latest book “Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution,” which is aimed at a teen audience.

The presentation was very interactive, with Sanders asking the students for their opinions, and with some students getting the chance to ask questions of the senator, touching on topics like healthcare, racial injustice and economic inequality.

“Real change never takes place from the top on down, you may see a president signing a bill, but understand that before the president signed that bill, generally speaking millions of people were active in the effort to make that legislation possible,” said Senator Sanders.

The Naperville Central Advanced Band Wind Ensemble performed for the senator, doing a rendition of Vermont’s state song.

Sanders wrapped up his visit to our area by giving a book talk at the Paramount Theater in Aurora.

This is the second time this year that Anderson’s Bookshop has brought Sanders to town.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.